Baby doll bare fet

Brave Wednesdays: baby shoes!

This week, my toddler asked me to “go to the grocery store and buy my baby orange sandals.” She was pretty disappointed to hear that I would have to do some research about baby doll sandals, and they were’t a thing I could easily swing by the grocery store to get for her. Subsequent research confirmed that the easiest answer would be for me to make them myself. So the next day I asked her to pick out a color of felt, and brought her doll with me to work. I put these together on m lunch break. They are based on what I remember of the pattern for denim baby shoes that I used back when my toddler was new to walking. Here are some pictures of my wearable art for you. The first image below is baby doll felt shoes, next comes the denim shoes, and after that a pair of baby booties that are my favorite things to give for baby presents (aside from Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are) thrown in for fun. Enjoy!

baby doll shoes

denim shoes

baby boots