Brave Wednesday: doodle style

Perhaps unsurprisingly, life as an elementary school librarian is busy and tiring. But the world keeps turning and I’m still committed to sharing things I create, big and small. So for brave Wednesday today, which I know is a Thursday, here is a doodle for you. Enjoy!

beauty in clumsy fragility

Brave Wednesday & an Announcement

Welcome to this week’s Brave Wednesday! Above you will see the sketch I’m sharing with you today. It is somewhat cropped by WordPress to fit the space allotted, so here is a link to the complete image. I believe I’ve spoken in the past about my propensity for sketching my right hand (I’m left handed,…

Brave Wednesday: Hands edition

My second brave Wednesday! I’ve spent a lot of time with a sketchbook close at hand. And all of that time, my hands have been there too, surprisingly enough. Generally the right one is not holding a pencil, as I favor my left for sketching. Here are a few sketches of that hand that I’ve…