beauty in clumsy fragility

Brave Wednesday & an Announcement

Welcome to this week’s Brave Wednesday! Above you will see the sketch I’m sharing with you today. It is somewhat cropped by WordPress to fit the space allotted, so here is a link to the complete image. I believe I’ve spoken in the past about my propensity for sketching my right hand (I’m left handed, so that’s the easier one to sketch, for me). In fact, if you follow the link in the tags listed below to “hands” you’ll see some of the others I’ve shared here. This one is dated 12/15/16, and has, in addition to the hand, a little bird as well as the words “Beauty in clumsy fragility” along the side.

And now for the promised announcement: Starting next Tuesday, I will be the school librarian for the public elementary school JC Stuart in Willingboro New Jersey! I’m looking forward to re-meeting all of my summer reading kids in their schools on Thursday!