Baby doll bare fet

Brave Wednesdays: baby shoes!

This week, my toddler asked me to “go to the grocery store and buy my baby orange sandals.” She was pretty disappointed to hear that I would have to do some research about baby doll sandals, and they were’t a thing I could easily swing by the grocery store to get for her. Subsequent research…

popping the balloon

Brave Wednesdays: The Musical Episode

In June of 2014, I wrote a song. I’ve written a couple of songs over the course of my life, although I can’t remember most of them. I remembered this one. A couple days later, I wrote it down. A week or so after that, I added a bridge to my three verses. I left…

Brave Wednesdays Report

I jumped back into it with a very brave act- I got up I front of people with my questions. I taught and I learned. It was electrifying and incredible and really everything that Brave Wednesdays are all about. Allow me to back up and explain: