popping the balloon

Brave Wednesdays: The Musical Episode

In June of 2014, I wrote a song. I’ve written a couple of songs over the course of my life, although I can’t remember most of them. I remembered this one. A couple days later, I wrote it down. A week or so after that, I added a bridge to my three verses. I left it there for several years. In the days and weeks after the election, I kept coming back to it. It seemed so timely. I wanted to share it. It was part of the inspiration for Brave Wednesdays, but I still wasn’t quite brave enough to share it yet. In February, I sat down with my guitar to figure out some instrumentation. Last week I recorded it.

Here it is. It’s far from perfect. I feel sure it could sound much better in the hands of a more skilled musician. The recording itself is low quality, from the mic on my webcam. Nevertheless, here it is. It’s never going to be good enough for me. Rather than wait for that achievable state of perfection, I’m going to be brave and share it with you anyway.