ariel view of person with sun hat reading outdoors next to a dog

Summer Reading

It’s August, and the last week of the summer reading programming we run here at the library. Soon I’ll change all of our displays for back to school season. I’m a bit sad about the summer slipping away. Mostly, though, I’m proud of the kids.

The children here in our community read terrifically this summer! This summer’s theme was Build a Better World, and the children had some great insights into how they can make a positive difference in our community. They planted flowers to help the bees and other pollinators, they made cards for children in the hospital, and they brainstormed ways to help in their households, schools, and broader communities. Some 90+% of them read every week, and every single child has found a favorite book of the summer.

I’m proud, too, of the work we’ve done here at the library to support their learning and growth over the summer. Remember though children (and adults!) summer is not over yet. We still have plenty of days worth of heat and running in the sprinklers. Keep reading and keep visiting me here at the library!