Library moments: Dance

My students teach me many things. As I get geared up for the new year, I’ve been pondering them, both little and profound. One of the most fun things my students taught me last year was a number of dance moves!


More popular at the beginning of the year, but still holding it’s own among newer moves, this one is especially fun to watch the younger students attempt, because it requires rather more gross motor coordination than most of them have.


Take the L

This one took me a little while to track down. It turns out to originate with a video game called Fortnite, as a mocking victory dance. It struck me as unkind when I first encountered it, but the kids don’t seem to mean it as an insult. They just enjoy moving, and feeling like they are in the know about a big kid game.


The shoe

This dance is very popular, and also very hilariously executed at times, such that at first I thought this new move was essentially one-legged running in place. Now that my 4th graders have corrected me, I know that Blocboy JB created both song and move, which is not really called “shoe” as the younger children believe but “shoot,” and which looks more like synchronized kicking with an arm movement than running in place if done correctly.

via Gfycat

The whip & nae nae

Given how old this dance is, fully 3 years old, I am pleasantly surprised by how popular it stays. Part of its success is in how simple the dance is. Everyone can do it!

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The worm

The gift from the 80s that keeps on giving.

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I’m looking forward to all the learning, both little and profound, that my students, colleagues, and I will share in the coming year!