I’m introducing some poetry to my 3-5th graders this week. We’ll start with limericks! I love limericks, they are bouncy and joyful, and soothing in their rhythms. After limericks, we’ll move on to quatrains, cinquains, acrostics, and beyond. My hope is that by April, every child will have chosen or written a favorite poem to…

Brave Wednesday: doodle style

Perhaps unsurprisingly, life as an elementary school librarian is busy and tiring. But the world keeps turning and I’m still committed to sharing things I create, big and small. So for brave Wednesday today, which I know is a Thursday, here is a doodle for you. Enjoy!

beauty in clumsy fragility

Brave Wednesday & an Announcement

Welcome to this week’s Brave Wednesday! Above you will see the sketch I’m sharing with you today. It is somewhat cropped by WordPress to fit the space allotted, so here is a link to the complete image. I believe I’ve spoken in the past about my propensity for sketching my right hand (I’m left handed,…

Library Moments: An Interesting Request

“I’m looking for something for my daughter about character development.” This is the kind of open ended reference request that can lead you all sorts of places. As I learned during the ensuing conversation, this mother wasn’t exactly sure what she was looking for, but wanted to start conversations with her daughter, age 5, about…

Characters free from stereotypes

Books written for early readers are built with simple characters. This is good for emerging readers. They can come to appreciate running gags, as a character does the same thing in different scenes. The simple character can be described with few words, and takes does not take long to feel that the character is a…

lightning strikes

Book Reviews: lightning round

For your enjoyment and edification, I offer you a lightning round of one sentence reviews of the children’s novels I’ve read so far this summer: The Amaranth Enchantment, by Julie Berry Fun fantasy arranged in a standard evil stepmother and girl-finds-a-prince format. The Leaving, by Tara Altebrando YA suspense novel fails to deliver on its promised intrigue….

ariel view of person with sun hat reading outdoors next to a dog

Summer Reading

It’s August, and the last week of the summer reading programming we run here at the library. Soon I’ll change all of our displays for back to school season. I’m a bit sad about the summer slipping away. Mostly, though, I’m proud of the kids. The children here in our community read terrifically this summer!…

Baby doll bare fet

Brave Wednesdays: baby shoes!

This week, my toddler asked me to “go to the grocery store and buy my baby orange sandals.” She was pretty disappointed to hear that I would have to do some research about baby doll sandals, and they were’t a thing I could easily swing by the grocery store to get for her. Subsequent research…

popping the balloon

Brave Wednesdays: The Musical Episode

In June of 2014, I wrote a song. I’ve written a couple of songs over the course of my life, although I can’t remember most of them. I remembered this one. A couple days later, I wrote it down. A week or so after that, I added a bridge to my three verses. I left…

Brave Wednesdays Report

I jumped back into it with a very brave act- I got up I front of people with my questions. I taught and I learned. It was electrifying and incredible and really everything that Brave Wednesdays are all about. Allow me to back up and explain: