Introducing Brave Wednesdays

My resolution this year, for 2017, is to be brave and share myself.

In this space,I will be sharing with you my writings and works of art, both large and small, both years old and brand new. None of these works have ever seen the light of day until you see them here. I’ll be posting something new each week on Wednesday. If you would like to join me, please let me know! I’ll happily link to your acts of bravery as well, or perhaps publish it here on my blog if you haven’t yet got your own corner of the internet..

This week, my acts of bravery are twofold: I’m starting this journey and inviting you to join me, and I’m also introducing you to First Bite: A Digital Exploration of a Physical Experience.

Enjoy, and join me again next week for Brave Wednesdays!